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What do gamers really want?

In 2013 we createdPKS to answer this question.

Our goal is to create quality products and all the things that players have always dreamt to find. Our games will immerse you and you’ll become fond of the news and contents of our titles. Your wish of living spectacular and exciting emotions will be fulfilled! That’s what we, videoplayers, desire to feel!

We are professionalists, but, first of all, we are players with a strong passion for videogames, particulary for the MMO fantasy. We believe in cooperation, not only in the work but in fun too.

Our object is to aim at excellence, to take care of every detail and to unleash innovative and original ideas for our products. Our current projects are Land of Britain, a MMORPG, and Fangold, a MMOTCG based on the lore and land used in Land of Britain..

Fangold™: The Eventful Adventures of Land of Britain (LOB) is a digital and multiplatform collectible trade card game (TCG) set in the Land of Britain world.

In Fangold, the player can use the power of the elements, and thus create his own deck that can include special cards, and also to change the playing field by creating devastating combos.

The deck is expandable with new cards acquired by playing or created through a revolutionary crafting system, assisted by immersive gathering as never seen before in a TCG.

The game options are innumerable and varied, including the multiplayer online matchmaking and the introduction of some original modes such as PvPvE.

The design of the cards is refined, elegant and easy to interpret. Illustrations and plot are an integral part of the setting of LOB and therefore will set a bridge between the two products.

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